Notes upon the start

Greetings and congratulations! YOU are here! You could have been somewhere else, but you are one out of like twenty people who may have ended up here out of a courtesy, curiosity, credibility checking or creative interest. So welcome! And thank you! Let me tell you about "The Bird Projects"...

This is the seed of something I hope to become much bigger in the (hopefully near) future. "The Bird Projects" is a multimedia project. I choose the term "multimedia" for two reasons: 1) I want to be able to have all the available mediums at my disposal for creating our products and content and 2) because I'm just that damn handy with more than one thing. I am really good with knives for example... not that knives are a very good way of expression, but you know...

My media background springs from photography. I have been taught by my late father, who has been a professional photographer since 1985 in USSR. He taught me to use film cameras and all the basics with visual art. I still have an old FED5 that I may start using again with some of my projects here. Later on I studied in Voionmaa Institute in Finland on Documentary Film Making. Directed a couple of documentary films (about Finnish forest industry and a "making of" of an indie film). Those are probably for ever lost now... I have worked on music production with the bands I was involved in and composed music for indie films. This is something I wish to do more with The Projects

Enough about the past, let's talk about the future! 

I am planning a couple of documentaries for a start to show of the vision, purpose and "the mission" of The Bird Projects, if you will. At this point I want to be absolutely clear, that I am quite serious about the documentary aspect of The Projects - this means that me, personally, Andrei Sorokin or Andy Bird (depending who's asking), I have no political agenda, no personal opinion, no axes to grind, nothing but genuine interest towards the subjects that will shape my documentary portfolio. My job is to DOCUMENT the story as it is and present it to you for your consideration. Let's just make that really clear. Right now. So that there is on whining later... There are certain subjects that I want to highlight with the use of The Projects, because I feel that modern times began to neglect these things. But more on that later as I start publishing.

The first project is scheduled to start within more or less a week and a half. I will be trying to post notes about it here and obviously the preview of the full documentary on "Projects" page.

Again, thank You for visiting this page. I hope you will come back and follow what we are up to here!


The Bird