Upon Our Services

Now that The Bird Projects has been rolling for couple of months and I have more or less come to grip with the reality of being an entrepreneur in Finland, it is time to talk about what I could actually do for another business.

I have had a couple of projects going on, one of them being a photo shoot for another entrepreneur, creating some photography for the new website and post production of a Christmas Party video for an internal use of another company. All the while I have been working on my documentary project "Marianne", but I am sad to say that I am having quite a bit of difficulty with the post production on that one. Mainly due to the problems with the sound... I am working hard on resolving this. 

Meanwhile I need to keep striking the iron while it's hot and promote my services as much as I can. So without further a due...

It's a picturesque world we live in today, isn't it? You open your PC or your phone and there are targeted ads and images being flung at you from every direction! Those ads are all made by other businesses, perhaps some of them just like Yours and You need to get into that market. You want to create a beautiful ad campaign to get followers and viewers and sharers of your product. Perhaps you are opening a small craft brew pub? Well you need to make sure how fun it is to come around to Your establishment and enjoy the brews that only You sell in the whole town! Are you a trainer? The market is full of PT's right now... You need an ad that shows not only the generic toned body that with a gym water bottle that you see on every Instagram page, but how about showing in your add all of the benefits that training with you will provide: actual glowing and healthy smile on your customer's face, higher self-esteem, feeling of being a part of a supporting community of people getting in shape... 


Now if You have a business, You probably know all that already and understand how basic marketing works so just in case You're wondering, why am I bothering to write all of this, here's why:
Let's say I will produce some web content for You and Your business. Let's say it will be a bunch of lovely photos with high resolution, beautiful shades and colors and wonderful plays on perspective and perhaps a descriptive text telling Your customers, why You are the right choice for them. Most freelancers and photographers will tell you they charge by the hour, so for example it is very common that they will give you an offer like "shooting an event at your business will be 150 Euros for the first hour and then 100 Euros for every hour after that." and that might not include any possible editing that the photos might require. In addition a lot of times you will get all the shots that they have made and let you sieve through all of hundreds of shots they've made. 
I have a different approach. This is a one man operation and I am doing everything by myself, so with my customers it is always personal. You want someone to really be as exited about your business as you are, don't You? 
So my way of working is simple: we talk exactly on what you want, I write everything down, I do the work for as long as it is needed to, I edit everything and choose the amount of best shots that we have agreed upon for your usage. So if we have agreed on 30 perfect shots, that's what you will get for a steady price. Now you have 30 blog posts/ads/instagram posts worth of photos and today that can be quite a handy amount to have. And You didn't have to worry about the fact that I am trying to get it done as fast as possible, because You are paying by the hour. I want to take care and time to get you the best content, and at the same time save you some stress and money.